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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas in the DESERT

i love water, mountains and spring. city where i was born is by little lake and from anywhere you can see Tian Shan mountains where snow never melts. city by itself is almost in the desert where everything drys in the summer and steppe looks bald. but not many know how beautiful is dessert in the spring. you will be knocked off with red opium flowers as far as you can see and beyond. red and green are Christmas colors but in Kazakhstan Christmas is celebrated in the spring march 22. So there is a Christmas in the desert.
over 15 stands of beaded lace. different shades of green glass seed beads and poppy red corals, soft to touch like if you would be resting on the red carpet looking at the heaven...
let your imagination decide where this necklace will bring you.


  1. Wow! That is a glorious necklace. 15 strands of beaded lace! So festive and a matching bracelet!

  2. Fantastic creation! Great design, Valeria!