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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stop reading if i'm wrong - Swarovski Ruby Red Pendant Rivoli - Beadwoven

 I know you noticed this pendant, and I know the reason why. It was the deep, rich red that got your attention, wasn't it?
Stop reading if I am wrong, or keep going to find out why I am right. Any physicist worth their white coat will tell you that red is the color with the longest wavelength of visible light. In plain English, this means it's the easiest color for your eyes to see, which is why you always notice it first. So any red will catch your eye, but it takes something special to get your full attention.

And if this pendant caught your eye on the page, just imagine how much attention it will attract on your neck. Made with Swarovski ruby rivoli embraced in silver galvanized beads. Even though it is man created crystal it has the tendency to create sparks.

Sea glass earrings


Sunday, March 4, 2012

VALERIA leather wrap bracelet Czech beads

VALERIA leather wrap braceletS Czech beads metallic sea glass lead free

these 3 single wrap bracelets are perfect to start your chan luu style collection or add more sparkle and color if you already have one.
handcrafted by me. leather is all  FREE of lead and other harmful chemicals.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

VALERIA leather wrap bracelets 3 wraps chan luu style

these bracelets are very nice. the best thing that they are adjustable. if you want to give one as a present you will not have to worry that it wont fit! and this is the only kind of jewelry for now that i can wear and not worry that when i pay with my children something will get broken...

4 wrap bracelet. looks great as choker necklace also!

VALERIA leather wrap bracelets 2 wraps chan luu style

if you like them ask how to get one!  it is 15$ per wrap on most bracelets.  i use high quality leather made in Italy or from US supplier. gemstones and bohemian Czech glass beads.